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Cameron Street Staff 2021-2022

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. Please click on the name to send an email. 

PrincipalTroy Comish 
Vice PrincipalJennifer Case 
SASEJo-Anne Naismith

Clerk StenoPeggy Ledden 
CustodiansJodi McQuarrie 
 Brenda Wesseling 
Teacher LibrarianMike Ready
Special EducationJean Hare - Learning Center  
Cathy Boone 
Jennifer Sims 

Jennifer Case
Planning TimeAnne Lockhart 
Owen Gray 
Karen Kitchener 
Elizabeth Mitchell 
 Cathy Boone 
Core FrenchPat Berger 
Elizabeth Mitchell
English Classroom Teachers
FDKJulia Bosse  & Shelly Gervais
FDKRob McPherson & Cheri Abaza
FDKAnne Nicholls  Holly Aspin
Jodi Bumstead
Grade 1
Heidi Irion  
Grade 2
Mark Brozowski
Grade 2
Nadia Corriveau
Grade 3Heather Jeffrey

Grade 3/4Alex Goslett
Grade 4/5 Peggy Murphy
Grade 5
Jennifer Honeyball 
Grade 5/6
Tracey Hammond
Grade 6/7
Patti Fedorco
Grade 7/8Darren Lang
​Grade 7/8
Derek McLean
FI Classroom Teachers
Grade 1Sarah Young
Grade 1/2
Josee Gough
Grade 2Marcie Colbourne
Grade 2/3
Lorrie McLean
Grade 3Roxanne Martin
Grade 4Glenn Carruthers
Educational AssistantsMike Aikens
Kaitlyn Bullivant
 Jen Potts
 Karen Trundou
 Tara Cornelisse
Denise Haldane

Shawna Licharson