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Cameron Street Staff

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

Our classrooms are utilizing many forms of communication this year with our families and students to keep you informed of all the wonderful things happening at Cameron Street.  Please note:

  • If the teacher's name is in blue, please click on it to access their Classroom Blog. ​ 
  • If the teacher's name is in ​​​​red, they are using the Remind program this year (please see the teacher if not signed up for this text/email alert program). 
  • If the teacher's name is in orange, they are using the Class Dojo program this year (please see the teacher if not signed up for this email program).   
  • Finally, if the teacher's name is in green, their monthly newsletter can be found below the staff list for you to access.



​​PrincipalTroy Comish
​Vice Principal​Lisa Saunders
Senior Administrative Support​Jan Plyley ​Clerk Steno​​​Tricia Vermilyea

Ann Nicholls/Shelly Gervais

Mark Brozowski/Cheri Abaza

Marcie Colbourne/Carri-Ann Scott
Patricia Berger/Holly Aspin

Grade 5/6

Grade 6/7
​Peggy Murphy

Mike Ready

Grade 1Marilyn Hutchinson​/Elita Farrell
Grade 7Rob McPherson​
Grade 1 French ImmersionRoxanne Martin​
Michelle Angel
Grade 8
​Patty Fedorco​
Grade 1Ingrid Wegner​Learning Centre​Alex Goslett
Grade 2​Sharon McFarlane
​French as a Second LanguageDeanne Baker
Elizabeth Mitchell

Grade 2 French ImmersionAshley Neill​
Julia Bosse
Library​Rebecca Shea
Grade 2/3  ​Anne Lockhart/Margaret Major ​Special Education​Cathy Boone
Heidi Irion
Lisa Saunders
​Grade 3

Grade 3 French Immersion
Heather Jeffrey

Lorrie McLean/Kim Eckersley

Planning Time
​​Heidi Irion
Michael Haydu (EFI)
Karen Kitchener
Owen Gray
Erika Brady (Jody Bumstead)
Grade 3/4
​Jean Hare
​Educational Assistants​Mike Aikens
Janet Hockley
Jennifer Potts
Kaitlyn Maclean
Karen Trundou
Grade 4
Rob Potter​

Grade 4 French Immersion
Josee Gough
Elizabeth Mitchell/Owen Gray
Grade 5
Tracey Hammond
Custodial Staff

​Ted Wright

Kris Habgood

Heather Fifield

Child and Youth Worker
Simone Shears

Classroom Monthly Newsletters