You are invited to join us the first Monday of each month, 7:00pm at the school. We hope you consider joining us on Cameron Street School Council

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Introducing Your 2010 / 2011 Cameron Street School Council
Co-chair- Patricia Wark
Co-chair- Lesley Young
Co-secretary- Marsha Cann
Co-secretary- Denise Spears
Treasurer- Mira Macan
Fundraising Coordinator- Jen Nichol
Volunteer Coordinator- Nicole Hagreen
Volunteer Coordinator- Tara Botelho
Play Ground Committee- Deb Shackell
Pita Lunch Coordinator- Kelly Bowen
Mr. Sub Lunch Coordinator- Dianne Nobes
Pizza Lunch Coordinator (Forms)- Tracy Nancekivell
Pizza Lunch Coordinator (Thursdays at the school)- Terrie Hamilton
Community Representative- Kerri MacDonald
Parent Representatives- Trish Maher, Kristin Ellis, Carla Bull, Pauline Clarance, Elizabeth Madigan, Jessica Goldsworthy, Cindy Lewis, Liz McMillan, Michelle Liotta, Kate Leynes, Ben Murray, Kristy Westbrooke, Michelle McCullough and Marybelle Randall. 
What is School Council?
 School Council is a liaison between parents, community representatives, teaching and non-teaching employees, students and the school principal. Through the active participation of parents, School Councils work to improve student achievement and enhance the accountability of the education system to parents. School Council may provide advice to the school Principal and the school Board in a variety of areas including curriculum goals, school action plans, student codes of behaviour and communication strategies.
Why Join Us On Council?
  Involvement in School Council is a meaningful, “hands-on” way to have a direct, positive impact on your child’s (children’s) educational experience. It is said that when parents are involved in their child’s (children’s) education, the level of student achievement increases.

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L. Young (email account coming soon)