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Student Leadership

​​​leadership.jpg​​​At Cameron Street PS, students are provided with many opportunities for leadership experiences that not only allow them to be part of our vibrant and caring school community, but contribute their ideas, enthusiasm and student voice in many positive and different ways!

We are pleased to offer the following for our 2016-2017 Student Leadership Program:

  • ​Super Stars Leadership Team
  • Anti-Bully Dream Team
  • Office Helpers
  • Garden Team
  • Library Helpers
  • ​Classroom Helpers
  • Green Team
  • Sub Day Helpers
  • Pizza Day Helpers
  • Assembly Crew
  • Equipment Storage Team
  • Technology Team
  • Helping Hands
  • Yearbook Team
  • House League Coordinators and Referees
  • Outdoor Equipment Team​


Thursday September 29th
Cameron House Colour Day
*Wear your house colour Comets and let your spirit shine!!!​
Thursday September 29th
Character Ed Assembly - Caring
*Join us today at 1:45pm for our first Character Ed assembly of the year as we honour those who have demonstrated their caring spirit!​
Friday October 7th
Blue Jay Day
*Let's turn Cameron blue with spirit!!!​
Monday October 31st
​Orange, Black and Purple Day!
*We are asking all our Comets to wear their best Halloween colours today!
**Kindergarten students are allowed to wear costumes today if they wish
​Monday October 31st
Character Ed Assembly - Cooperation
*Join us today at 9:20am as we honour those who have demonstrated cooperation this month and recognize some special teams and groups that have made a difference at Cameron Street!
Friday November 11th
Remembrance Day Assembly
*At 9:15am, we gather to remember those who fought for our freedom and continue to do so today.

Black, Red and White Day
*We ask that our students and staff wear these colours in recognition of Remembrance Day.
​Monday November 21st
​Pink Shirt Day
*Our Pink Team 2017 kick off a week of Bullying Awareness activities for our Cameron Comets by asking all students and staff to wear pink today!
​Friday November 25th
​Character Ed Assembly - Courage
*Join us today at 9:00am as we honour those who have demonstrated courage this month.  This assembly will be led by the Pink Team and the Grade 8 class.
​Friday November 25th
​Wacky Tacky Day
*Let's see that spirit Comets as you wear your wackiest and tackiest and we celebrate all the great things that make us amazing!
Monday December 12th - Wednesday December 21st
​Candy Cane Grams
*Time to stock up on those candy canes Comets and send them to your friends!  $0.50 each or 3 for $1.00 with proceeds going towards a local charity.  This is one fundraiser that is too sweet to miss!
Thursday December 22nd
Character Ed Assembly - Empathy
*Join us today at 2:15pm as we celebrate those who have demonstrated empathy this month.  This assembly will be led by Mrs. Hammond's and Mr. Ready's classes.
Friday December 23rd
​Red, White and Green Day!
*Let's see your holiday spirit Comets as we turn Cameron bright with colour!!!
​Friday December 23rd
Holiday Assembly
*Beginning at 9:15am, we gather for our annual Cameron Street Carol Sing!
​Thursday January 26th
​Literacy Day
*Time to dress up as your favourite literary character (book, movie and/or tv) and show your amazing spirit Comets!
​Thursday January 26th
​Character Ed Assembly - Honesty
*Join us today at 1:45pm as we celebrate those who have demonstrated honesty this month! 
Wednesday February 8th
Custodial Appreciation Day
*Today we say thank you to Mr. Wright, Ms. Habgood and Mrs. Fifield for all they do to make our school shine by wearing blue!!!
Tuesday February 14th
Red, Pink & White Day
*Today we turn Cameron Street red, pink and white with spirit!!!
Wednesday February 22nd
​Pink Shirt Day
*Today we take our Cameron Street Anti-bully Pledge and ask our students and staff to wear pink!
Tuesday February 28th
​Character Ed Assembly - Inclusiveness
*Join us today at 11:30am as we honour those that have demonstrated inclusiveness this month at Cameron Street.  This assembly will be led by Madame Gough's and Madame Mitchell's classes.
Thursday March 2nd
​Canada Colour Day
*Today we welcome Ski Cross athletes to Cameron Street!  Let's give them a warm welcome and cheer them on in our red and white!
Friday March 24th
Bright Colours/Neon Day
*Today we dance in our 3rd annual Dance-A-Thon and we are asking all staff and students to wear the brightest colours they have!!!
​Friday March 31st
Character Ed Assembly - Integrity
*Join us today at 1:45pm as we honour those that have demonstrated integrity this month!  This assembly will be led by Mr. McPherson's Grade 7 class.
​Friday March 31st
​PJ Day
*Find those comfy and coziest PJs for what promises to be a fabulous Friday!
Wednesday April 11th
*Our 3rd annual event where we turn Collingwood pink!!!  Students and staff are encouraged to wear pink to show their caring spirit as we celebrate this amazing day with a variety of activities planned by our Student Voice Team!
Thursday April 27th​Hat Day
*Our Buliders Club is looking for all students and staff to wear their favourite hat today to school!
Friday April 28th​​Beach Day
*It's time to hit the beach Comets!  Wear your summer colours as we show our spirit!​
Friday April 28thCharacter Ed Assembly - Optimism
*Join us today at 9:45am as we celebrate those that have demonstrated their optimistic attitudes this month!  This assembly will be led by Mrs. Jeffrey's Grade 3 class and Mrs. Lockhart & Mrs. Major's Grade 2/3 class.​
Friday May 12th
​Cameron Colour Day!
*We are asking all students and staff to wear the green and white as we gather for a school photo to celebrate our 50th anniversary!!!
Monday May 29th
Character Ed Assembly - Respect
*Join us today at 1:45pm as we honour those that have demonstrated respect this month at Cameron Street!  This assembly will be led by Mrs. Murphy's Grade 5/6 class.
Friday June 2nd
Share Dance Event!
*Find those bright colours Comets as we participate in a very special Share Dance event!